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What is a Joint Venture?

Joint ventures (also known as a JV or strategic alliance) is an arrangement that will be of mutual benefit between two (or more) people, businesses or companies who have complementary resources or assets that can be leveraged.

What do I mean by resources or assets? I mean products, services, machinery, equipment, buildings, unused capacity and a customer list (or mailing list) that can be leveraged by the owner.

What is an Impact Alliance?

Impact Alliances create a profitable joint venture partnership between two or more for-profit entities to increase the profitability of the entities and simultaneously support a cause for social good.

It expands your market, allows you compete in new markets, reduce advertising costs and bring additional value to your customers...all while providing social good.

Joint ventures involve recognizing the myriad opportunities out there and leveraging every one of them through partnering. You’ve got to go all out; this is one of the fundamentals of successful joint ventures and deal making.

Here’s how it works

We are positioned as an unbiased third-party consulting firm that opens opportunities with JV partners to increase profits and meet common social cause initiatives. We design JV cause-marketing campaigns that track not only added revenue, but also number of lives changed through the Alliance. We facilitate and manage the whole process, including the reporting and distribution of funds to the social causes.

Why Impact Alliances are Important

For decades the idea of strategic alliances have helped companies streamline efforts to increase profits. Recently companies have been pushed to disclose their socially responsible activities because the public is demanding transparency. Consumers want to support and invest in businesses that are doing good in the world. Companies are responding by joining forces to make a bigger difference.

Impact Alliances bring the ideas of strategic alliances and cause marketing together to expand their impact to all parties. These strategies are the new way of doing business, and if companies don’t find ways to increase profits AND do social good…they will not exist in five years.

Joint Ventures that Make an Impact

The Benefits of Joint Ventures

The fastest way to grow your customer list.

Joint ventures will allow you to compensate for your areas of weakness. Your partners will provide the knowledge and the skills that are needed in those areas. For example, you’re great with product creation, but you’re rather at a loss when it comes to marketing. Your partners in a joint venture will give you the marketing push that you need.

Joint ventures will allow you to take advantage of the aid of businesses with complementing skills and resources. This exchange of stocks will result in a synergy that can propel all the parties involved to the next level of success.

Joint ventures can boost your profits very quickly. Two minds are always better than one. What’s more if you have three, or five, or even ten working on the same project and wanting to achieve the same ‘high level’ goals the results will be exceptional.

Joint ventures are less risky. This is because the hazards are divided into the number of parties involved, each partner standing to lose only the proportional share of the risks they have undertaken.

Joint ventures offer great branding potential for FREE. Joining a group of highly respected and established names in your industry will allow your business to acquire some of their luster. If you have a joint venture with Microsoft for example, you can immediately see how such a JV partnership would do wonders for how people perceive you and your business.

Joint ventures can build lasting relationships with your partners. Your relationship with them doesn’t have to end with the joint venture. You can explore other opportunities with the same people again if things go well the first time around.

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