The Extraordinary Business Academy


We train leaders to think about business in a whole new way.

What is the Extraordinary Business Academy?

The Extraordinary Business Academy is platform for business leaders to receive coaching, consulting and inspiration to become EXTRAORDINARY. Extraordinary businesses are led by COURAGEOUS leaders who value personal efficiency and purpose to use their business as their arms and legs to carry out a greater social impact mission.

When you join the Academy, you are joining a movement!


It is my dream to build a global Academy that transforms business leaders into social warriors for good.

The Extraordinary Business Academy trains, coaches and consults with business leaders from all over the world on how to align their companies with a greater social impact. In order to do this, leaders must have COURAGE, extreme personal efficiency and focused teams.


What is an ExtraOrdinary Business?

An Extraordinary Business has the courage to transform from a centuries-old mindset of profits-at-all-cost, to a new a way of doing business that focuses on making profits BY increasing its social impact.

At this Academy, we believe:

• Radical results can be attained through courageous actions and extreme personal efficiency

• True financial freedom comes from living simply and using wealth to impact on others' lives

• We, as business leaders, have a responsibility, a duty, to use our talents to restore the world and to end suffering, destruction and violence.

• It is TIME to experience a greater JOY in life than just comforting ourselves with material things.

• By joining together we have the POWER to transform the world.

Members in the Academy are joining a movement with business leaders to build a global network of like-minded businesses to support each others' growth and global impact.

What is a Benefit Corporation?

WE ARE A BENEFIT CORPORATION. As a B-Corp we are committed to a triple-bottom-line approach and our shareholders have agreed to legally be bound by putting people WITH profits, rather than people OVER profits.


Transform leaders into courageous social warriors protecting what matters most; our happiness.


Increase the freedom and happiness of women by supporting programs for girls, adolescence, and adult women that 1) increase lifelong income & wealth, 2) increase health and well-being, and 3) increase opportunities for leadership and change.


1. The number of girls and teens that we sponsor.

2. The number of dollars we contribute to supporting organizations.

3. The grant dollars issued to support woman owned businesses.