Are you still too busy to actually get your company over the Million Dollar mark?

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June 18, 2017
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June 18, 2017

Are you still too busy to actually get your company over the Million Dollar mark?

A CEOs who start businesses that are now getting some traction, often find themselves stuck in the operations, years later, still trying to figure out how to get over the million dollar mark and get out of feeling like an employee.

You come to a realization that the path you’re on is a survival path, and as things start to slip out of your control, it begins to feel like a make-it or break-it moment. Either you figure this out NOW, or you may lose your chance forever.

How do I know this is happening? I see the CEO’s frustration with their teams’ attitudes and lack of results. I see the CEOs scrambling around, so busy and out of control, that they are not paying attention. I see outdated financial information, lack of understanding their business numbers, spending blindly on sales and marketing without knowing their ROI, and letting their untapped goldmine collect dust.

And what I hear from them is their embarrassment because they don’t know how, the self-doubt in their ability to change it, and a quiet glimpse of defeat as they keep working harder and harder but are not getting the results they desire.

But there IS hope!

As a CEO-Business owner, you are the only personal who can change it.

You can’t keep waiting for something to come along and make it different. You can’t blame it on the economy, the exchange rates, the customers or the suppliers. The only way for you to transition into a Million Dollar business is to gain control of your time, your culture and your activities. Now.

How do you do that?

You start by looking building a dashboard of the four core elements of business growth and looking at the absolutely most important and costly leak in each of the 4 core areas. These areas are your culture, conversions, attraction, and leverage.

Your culture inspires motivation and drive. Your conversions tell you the effectiveness of your sales funnel, your attraction shows you how well your market is responding to you, and your leverage ensures all of your assets are being monetized effectively.

When the four areas are clearly defined on your Million Dollar Dashboard, you will easily see exactly what is happening in each of the most critical areas of your business.

This puts you in control again.

This restores vision and re-energizes your organization.

This put you on the path to becoming a Million Dollar CEO.

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